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I am a digital graphic designer dedicated to establishing meaningful relationships through clear communication.

in a few paragraphs

I'm not going to say, "I've always had this draw to be an artist." I'm also not going to say, "I've always known what I wanted to do." Honestly, before I started graphic design, I had no clue what I wanted to do.

I grew up doing landscaping and lawn care with my dad, and I came to college with relatively no design background. Now, right here is where I could go super deep and tell you that the bit of design involved with the landscaping stuff started a raging fire for design within my soul. I could tell you that this grand fire within manifested itself in me coming to graphic design school in efforts to quench the flames. I could make up a ton of deep and introspective stuff.

But I'll just settle for telling the truth.

I signed up for college less than a month before it started, and I picked my major standing in line to register the day before classes started.

Thankfully I found that I really like doing design. I mean, I really, really like it. But looking back, I realize that I didn't come to college for graphic design. I came to college to be in God's will. Since that very first day standing in line to register with some crazy southerner, Charles Presnell, God has directed every step of my life, bringing me to where I am right now.

some thoughts on graphic design

Ok, so my life isn't all about design, but along this four-year journey I have picked up a thing or two that will help you get a handle on what design actually is.


Graphic design is a medium of visual communication. Communication requires clarity. Clarity can only exist when the medium of communication itself stands out of the way of the message. To be an effective medium of communication, design must stand out of the way of the message. It must be so appropriate that is practically invisible at a glance. Good design is invisible design.
Good design is possible when I the designer approach each project from a deliberate and objective standpoint. Before starting the process of any design project, I ask three questions—what why and how.


My main goal as a designer is to build real relationships with real people. That is why it is so important that I strive to be an effective communicator. If I am not communicating, I am not speaking to anyone. If I am not speaking to anyone, I am creating work that has no power to build relationships.


My purpose in this world is not to just make cool stuff. My purpose is to reach people. I reach people by communicating, and as a Christian designer, I have the most important thing to communicate. I have Christ.
My goal as a graphic designer is to establish meaningful relationships through clear communication so that I can reach people for Christ.

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